The Past Happenings and Experiences

So I know I haven't been posting my usual gratitude entries but I do plan on doing this today. However I wanted to address a few things I sat back and realized a few moments ago with my quick meditation.

Firstly, I had broke my bed frame on accident, being short I had to stand up and turn the light on, which made it break unfortunately. So I have been sleeping on the floor for the past week. My back has been struggling(back problems) but with no support other than the hard uncomfortable floor, I began have aches in my hips and even ribs.

Not sure why but in between the bed being on the floor and going to the next plausible reason below, I held my moldavite ring for a few minutes one day, and every time I hold this I get a very rude awakening.

(Fast Forward to my relatives coming in from out of town and heading to the festival)

I recently went out to the Renaissance Festival and had a Tarot card reading while there. Gained some insight from the marvelous lady of how to continue forward and decided it was actually pretty accurate. Heavily recommend Tarot card readings in person, as they allow you to choose a deck that calls out, and shuffle yourself. You know, make it more personal.

Meanwhile I was carrying my backpack (slightly heavy) and pushing my 35lb child in the stroller. Climbing hills and trekking across bumpy dirt roads struggling to push this stroller as it would get stuck in the gravel often.

Towards the end I began feeling my back tense up, as anxiety began to set in and I felt singled out in a festival of all sorts of diffrent families, tribes, and cultures. I wanted to leave but managed to relax my mind slightly to push on.

Heading back home I felt exhausted mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The next day I woke up barely able to walk, and knew I would have to call the doc and get some medicine to ease the pain.

My sciatic nerve was pushed to it’s limits, but I feel the moldavite had something to do with this.

I say this because every time I hold or wear my moldavite I end up getting a tense back and needing medication to help rid of the tremendous nerve pain.

This is not my first rodeo, and something good is heading my way. The last time I ended up getting a job doing what I love doing, which is seo copywriting work.

Sometimes you have to go through the pain in order to get to a brighter side in your life.

Another thing I recently gained insight about from meditation and asking myself (yes you can get answers from yourself) if this was possible. Sometimes you will not like the answer, but your truth is your truth.

This truth came to be that twerking is a spiritual act of releasing traumas and negative energy that is stored in your sacral chakra and hips. Just the movement of shaking your “butt” or hips, helps remove this from your energy field.

When you stare you are absorbing this negative energy and you might get the negative opinion of “what a hoe” or “she wants attention”. In all seriousness, you need to protect yourself, do not look at someone shaking off their bad energy, that’s on you if you do. I warned you.

I have learned that this to be true, simply by practicing the spiritual twerk of releasing the energy (mood elevated) and watched expressions or sat back and evaluated the repulsive reactions from people to women (some men too) who twerk, simply because they couldn’t look away.

Almost like the negative energy is something they are drawn to, it’s impossible for them to look away because evil is so mesmerizing it can be a trap at times. Practicing self-awareness, and self-control will help gain control of your body mind and spirit to look away from the booty shaking.

Thanks for reading!

Knowledge is Power. I like to explore different topics and showing my steps of how I work on my research. Asking questions, to fully understanding the meaning.

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Knowledge is Power. I like to explore different topics and showing my steps of how I work on my research. Asking questions, to fully understanding the meaning.